Diamond Information

The Kimberley Guarantee

In 2003, an international certification scheme called the Kimberley Process was launched, making it illegal to trade in conflict diamonds. A Kimberley Process certificate, guaranteeing diamond as conflict-free accompanies all official shipments of rough diamonds to and from participating countries.

To support this, the international diamond industry agreed to a voluntary system of warranties to ensure diamonds continued to be tracked right up to the point of sale. All invoices for the sale of diamonds and jewellery containing diamonds should now include a written guarantee stating they are conflict-free

What the Diamond Industry Agreed To Do

Keep records of all invoices and audit them every year train staff about company policies / government regulations include a written guarantee on all invoices, adopt a code of conduct to prevent the buying or selling of conflict diamonds

For more information please visit www.kimberleyprocess.com and www.diamondfacts.org

The Kimberley Process

This scheme was established in 2003 and is designed to certify the origin of diamond sources which are free of conflict. The aim is to prevent rebel groups and their rivals from funding their war aims from diamond sales.

The certification scheme is targeted at preventing 'blood diamonds' from entering the mainstream rough diamond market. The KPCS originated from a meeting of Southern African diamond producing states in Kimberley, South Africa in 2002.

 In order for a country to be a participant it must ensure:

• That every diamond export be accompanied by a Certificate
• That no diamond is imported from, or to, a non-member of the scheme
• That any diamond originating from the country does not finance a rebel or other entity seeking to overthrow a UN recognised government
• Certified and each invoice is marked accordingly with the KPCS guarantee

Ebling Feres International and its suppliers abide by and uphold the Kimberley process. The majority of diamonds used in the Oskar Emil watches are sourced from the best mines in India.