Water resistance

People are often confused by what the stated water resistance of watches actually means. Does a watch with “50 metres” as the water resistance mean you can dive with it as deep as 50 metres? No, you cannot. So why do they write 50 metres on it? Because it is referring to static pressure, not the actual depth of water it can be used in. This is a common misconception.

50 metres refers to the pressure experienced if it was static at a depth of 50 metres. When the watch moves the pressure rises well above a static pressure of 50 metres. 50 metres of static water pressure is easily achieved even in shallow depths. Consequently, a 50 metres watch should not be used for diving; however it can be immersed in water.

Here are some common explanations of common water resistance standards:

Water resistant means splash proof only - it can withstand slight splashes and rain, but is NOT to be immersed in water.

The table below outlines general guidelines of the water resistance you will receive from an accordingly rated watch.

30 metres / 3 ATM

Splash proof and waterproof in small amounts of water. NOT suitable for diving

50 metres / 5 ATM

Can be submerged in water. Suitable for swimming, but not guaranteed to be resistant to jumping into the pool. No snorkelling, water-related work and fishing. NOT suitable for diving

100 metres / 10 ATM

Suitable for swimming and shallow diving.

When changing the time due to changes to winter and summer time or when going abroad please make sure that you have fixed the crown back in to place if not your watch will let in water. If you are not sure how to do this please consult your instruction manual or call us.

If you have the battery in your watch changed, you should be sure to have it resealed and pressure tested by the jeweller to ensure that it is still water resistant to the stated depth.

At Ebling Feres we are happy to change your battery for a small fee and re seal the watch. Please contact our customer service team for more details.

Please note that by using an unauthorised dealership or repair shop will null and void your warranty.